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Home-Based Services

  Home-Based Program Philosophy

In accordance with the mission of Family Connections, the Home-Based Services Program holds that the family is a desirable social institution and should be supported and maintained whenever possible.

Every family has resources and strengths which can be tapped to improve overall functioning. Through observation and analysis of the family structure and relationships, the family members may become more insightful as to how certain symptoms/patterns of behavior serve a particular function and use this as a springboard for change. Therapeutic intervention is designed to assist families in identifying their unique strengths, relationships, and organization. Overall functioning may be improved through developing executor roles for parents, decreasing marital conflict, and reducing symptoms among children.     

The Home-Based Services Program recognizes that parents are in charge of their families and home-based services are provided to support, encourage, and assist them in the parenting role. Therapeutic intervention with parents does not mean assuming their role or responsibilities.     

The Home-Based Services Program further recognizes that each family is part of a larger community system. Intervention cannot proceed in isolation. Therapeutic intervention fosters the interdependence of the family with its community.     

Home-Based services are a comprehensive intervention with the goal being to support and maintain all family members in their own home, thus avoiding out-of-home placement for any child. Where that is not possible, home-based services may assist the family in keeping a door open for communication and reducing the likelihood of emotional cutoff.     

Home-Based services are never pursued at the expense of the child's safety and best interests.

Goals and Objectives
To assist in avoiding the necessary placement of children and aid in keeping families together
To assist in the reunification of children in out-of-home placement with their families
To prepare families to utilize existing community resources
Admissions for Home-Based Services Program

Referrals for home-based services may come from a variety of sources: West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, probation, court, school, Head-Start, community behavioral health centers or other social service agencies. In all cases the family should have been made aware of the referral by the referral source. Family Connections serves families in a home-based setting when it has been determined that the child or children are at risk for out-of-home placement, or the child or children have already been removed and reunification is the goal.

Risk for out-of-home placement can be established by at least one of the following:

Additional criteria:
A family is appropriate for services under this program if all of the following items can be checked:
The family is not appropriate if any of the following apply:  
Therapeutic Team

The family support worker makes up one leg of the therapeutic team. The therapist and the family are the second and third leg. The entire team is supported by consultation, supervision, and a solid theoretical approach to home-based work.

Communication needs to go in every direction along the legs of this triangle. Leaving any team member out of the decision-making and planning will undermine the work

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